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Thank you so much for all you have done for me. You are a terrific teacher ... inspirational, funny and SO knowledgeable! You scooped me up when I was at a low point both pysically and mentally and helped me to pull myself together again.  I have enjoyed every class, and 1-1 over the past two years. You are a star Pilates teacher and a really friendly and warm woman! Thank you again.

Carol Evans

Three and a half years ago, I was at a very deep low in my health and my life.  I had come through cancer, I was 80% blind and contracted cellulitis which put me in the Royal Berks for a month. Sue had given my wife and I Pilates lessons so we discussed 1-1 sessions for me.  She was diffident about how much assistance she could give me, but was willing to have a go. Sue always comes with a lesson plan worked out beforehand and then, with a big smile or a cheeky grin adapts it to my weekly aches and pains. Three years later, I stand as straight as the Duke of Edinburgh and feel 100%. I could not feel healthier or fitter. Thank you Sue, it has worked!

Jim Smith

Thank you, Sue, for being an amazing, enthusiastic, helpful, ever cheerful teacher and for your never-ending enthusiasm, expertise and encouragement. We love you!

Sally and Dave

I have practised Pilates with Sue Lloyd for eight or nine years, indeed I was one of her first pupils.  Right from the start she proved herself to be a caring, competent and thorough teacher; taking the trouble to establish profiles of all members of the class with reference to their capabilities, medical history and particular weaknesses.  She introduces variety into her lessons but always stays true to the Pilates method.  She has studied hard and reached Grade 4 in the Management of Low Back Pain.  Her knowledge of anatomy is excellent. These days I am suffering from Scoliosis and Parkinson's disease and go to her privately. As an ex-teacher myself I would sincerely recommend her as a sympathetic and first-class instructor.
Sylvia Pugsley

I have thoroughly enjoyed the classes and would certainly recommend you - you make the classes fun and you're always so upbeat, it's refreshing.
Sue Staines

"Over the past few years my life has been transformed by Pilates exercises thanks to Sue and her inspirational teaching styles.  Learning Pilates with Sue can be best described as fun.  So much so that I even enjoy doing the "homework" and because the same exercise has different levels you can never become bored.  I have noticed a major improvement with my body, not only with my shape but also my well being has improved.

In my normal daily life and without realising what is happening the Pilates techniques automatically switches in when walking, climbing stairs, housework to lifting my grand-son.

Sue has a wonderful enthusiastic teaching manner and I feel sure she could help anybody; she makes you feel happy when doing the exercises because her manner of instruction never makes you feel inadequate."
Jill Carter

"Pilates is about the mind and body connection, Sue has worked so hard to teach us how to incorporate keeping fit in our daily lives.  Her patience and encouragement is never ending.  Sue is always professional and she has helped us to like keeping fit, it is no longer a chore, but the real bonus is we have fun!"
Sue Bull and Malcolm Cameron

I was recommended to take up Pilates following an intense course of physiotherapy after a sporting injury to a hip and pelvic damage after childbirth, which had rendered me almost unable to walk without constant pain.  After coming under Sue’s wing, I can truly say, hand on heart, that she has worked a miracle for me.  Re-assessing my progress each week, Sue’s multi-levelled skill method of teaching means that I can quite safely work at the correct level for how I am feeling that day, whether it is at an advanced or beginner’s level. 
Knowing that I would never make the time at home to build on what I had learnt in class, after a  couple of terms of one session a week, I increased to two a week and that was when I really saw a dramatic improvement, not only in my increased mobility and stamina  but also in my silhouette.  Not only do I feel better, clothes fit more comfortably too!
Ana Mari Bull

Started Pilates classes with Sue 10 months ago.  I love the exercises – they are fun, relaxing and yet work – I have a waist now!!
Ann Pawson

“Thank you Sue for your lively, fun and enthusiastic Pilates in both group and one to one. I feel that I have benefited enormously from your help and guidance.”
Lee Young

I started Pilates classes with Sue Lloyd almost 2 years ago when I retired from my work aged 64.  I was not fully aware of what was involved but my hope was to get fitter so that I didn't drift in to a sloppy-bad-posture sort of old age.  Alongside this I was also planning to work at golf, which I had played in a limited way for some years.  I enjoyed the Pilates right from the start, and very quickly wished that I had taken it up when I was still working - I would have been so much more relaxed about some of the workplace problems.  I particularly like the ethos of getting more aware of one's own body, and working in an individual way.  I have noticed that I now have visible muscles!, particularly in my arms and shoulders, and all my joints are much more mobile.  Both these aspects have helped in my improvement at golf.  I use one of the Pilates exercises as a warm up before playing, and I am hitting the ball much further.  I have just won the Grandmother's Trophy at my club!, and my handicap is coming down rapidly.  As well as this, my daughter-in-law, who happens to be a sports medicine specialist doctor, commented recently that I am looking quite athletic these days!  Long may it continue .
Katie O'Gorman

"I must firstly thank you for the first class course I attended in September/October, and how much I thoroughly enjoyed it. I found your teaching inspirational and invaluable to my daily life and enjoyed each session immensely”.

“You really are the very BEST instructor ever and I really appreciate all that you have done for me to date, you really have made a difference, thank you!”

“Thank you again for all your support, your kindness, your commitment and personal engagement in all your students. You are a star and the months with you and Pilates have been instrumental in my recovery.”
Cecilia Ljungvall

“I really want to say how much I have enjoyed your classes over the past year and how much they have helped my back problems.”
Caroline Miller

"Thank you for all your inspiration.  I feel so much better after joining your classes and thank you for transforming how I feel about my body (sounds corny but is true!)"
Jinty Balch

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